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Expense Category:
Uniform Rental Services

Client Challenge:

This client went through a full RFP and transitioned suppliers three years prior to engaging Fine Tune. Despite this effort, their spend was significantly more than projected in the RFP and there were a myriad of unresolved, ongoing service issues. They were of the opinion that the service issues simply would not be improved due to the nature of the industry.

Fine Tune Solution:

Fine Tune personnel met with each plant to determine appropriate courses of action to reduce service issues. We set up a weekly call with each plant to identify service issues and track these areas as they improved and were ultimately resolved. At the same time, we arranged weekly calls with the incumbent vendor and instructed them on reasonable steps to correct their deficiencies. We provided a new tracking mechanism for both parties to utilize in order to identify, track and resolve weekly service requests and concerns.

Fine Tune then ran a full RFP, narrowed down the supplier field and directly negotiated with the incumbent supplier.


The result was vendor retention, significantly improved service and hard-dollar savings that were precisely in line with our projections prior to the RFP. The client no longer had to worry that their spend would be significantly more than projected since they had us to manage it on a monthly basis—auditing for contract compliance, recovering credits for any overcharges, and fighting off all vendor strategies for increasing costs. The weekly service calls gradually turned into bi-weekly, monthly and eventually quarterly as the sites began to see their list of service issues and concerns dwindle.

Bottom Line Impact: 41%

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