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Expense Category:
Uniform Rental Services

Client Challenge:

Prior to partnering with Fine Tune, Flint Group had 12 suppliers and over 20 contracts governing uniform and facility services across their 50+ North American locations. The challenge was to reduce costs, enhance terms and conditions and consolidate contracts while preserving positive supplier relationships.

Fine Tune Solution:

First, Fine Tune personnel compiled an assessment of spend and contractual obligations by location and by supplier. Based upon the data gathered in this assessment, Fine Tune’s industry insiders determined an appropriate target spend level for the account. Then, after consultation with both field personnel and Flint Group’s corporate-level management, we recommended and agreed upon a strategy for attaining project objectives.


A year after the onset of the Fine Tune agreement, an average cost reduction of over 35% had been implemented throughout the US and Canadian operations, and the number of suppliers had been reduced from 12 to 5. Supplier transitions, where sensible or necessary, were managed to mitigate costs associated with transitions. Beyond the contractual and cost improvements, Fine Tune’s audits have uncovered thousands of dollars in weekly savings purely by virtue of correction of overcharges. Perhaps the greatest benefit to Flint, however, has been the time savings produced via the Fine Tune affiliation. As issues of any sort arise in the field, Fine Tune’s experts work to ensure favorable resolution while Flint personnel remain focused on bigger priorities.

Bottom Line Impact: 35%

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