Heavy-duty trucking sales and service

Expense Category:
Uniform Rental Services

Client Challenge:

Peterbilt dealer, The Larson Group (TLG), has operations that stretch from across the northern and Midwestern U.S., including some particularly remote locations. Implementing a company-wide uniform program entailed a number of challenges — from supplier viability and proximity to strong biases from location to location. Fine Tune’s challenge was to maximize cost-savings while aligning TLG’s operations with optimal supplier partners.

Fine Tune Solution:

After reviewing prevailing costs and existing contractual commitments, Fine Tune conducted site-by-site satisfaction surveys at all TLG locations. Fine Tune then managed the RFP, negotiations and implementation processes for each of five new supplier agreements, tailoring cost saving solutions to the biases of TLG’s personnel in the field. The two locations whose personnel were dissatisfied with their uniform services were transitioned to an optimal supplier given their locales and Fine Tune’s market intelligence.


As a result of the engagement, TLG enjoyed the benefits associated with having a single national agreement while field operations were serviced by five different suppliers of their choosing. From recovering over 20% of negotiated savings via monthly auditing to implementing new and more cost-effective uniforms at TLG’s flagship location to promoting best practices in the field, Fine Tune’s dedicated category management ensured an optimal program for TLG.

Bottom Line Impact: 32%

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