Don't Pay "Retail" to Your Indirect Vendors


A global pandemic has reshaped the business landscape, forcing retail companies around the world to dramatically rethink their enterprises. New technologies have changed marketing, store and business models, operations, communications, and even transactions—all the fundamental aspects of retail business. At the same time, increasing customer expectations for faster delivery times and seamless in-store and online experiences have intensified the need to change and adapt. And yet—just as these demands are so heavily taxing retail organizations—the need to manage expenses is also as acute as ever.

National retail chains and franchises. Convenience Stores. Truck Stops. Shopping malls. Fine Tune helps them all by deploying world-class category experts and smart strategies for the most complex indirect expenses. In these distracting categories, we know the suppliers, the contracts, the invoices and the “tricks of the trade” inside and out. We protect our retail clients from wasteful spending both in this demanding time and for the long haul.

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