A Sophisticated Strategy for the Most Maddening Expenses

Highly complex indirect expense programs erode your profits and divert valuable company resources from mission-critical areas. As a leading provider of expense management solutions, Fine Tune helps identify and realize savings across a range of these burdensome categories.

The Fine Tune solution starts with data collection, baseline assessment, and strategy setting. It continues into open-market activities like RFPs or direct negotiations, leading to the implementation of new and better deals. And then—critically—it includes continuous auditing and dedicated, vigilant enforcement to ensure our efforts hit your P&L and stick over time.

Our Core Applications

Uniform Rental

Perhaps the most complex of all indirect expenses, uniform rental service programs are a persistent problem for category managers. Fine Tune provides a world-class solution that saves time and money (and headaches).

Waste & Recycling

With waste disposal expenses, the waste really piles up. Fine Tune reduces the time, money, and resources needed to manage waste disposal programs while optimizing diversion and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Pest Control

Quality is the primary focus of pest control programs, but this scary expense also infests your P&L with excessive charges & unnecessary services. Fine Tune optimizes the quality, compliance, and cost of your pest control program.

Security & Guard

Cost tends to take a back seat when it comes to corporate security, but it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Fine Tune helps improve our clients’ security programs while optimizing costs and dedicated management time.

energy& utlilties
Energy & Utilities

A unique set of category complexities presents a challenge to even the most experienced energy managers. Fine Tune helps clients manage regulations and market volatility, ensure sustainability goals are met, and lower costs.


Risk-Free Compensation Model

At Fine Tune, we are compensated via shared hard-dollar savings only after savings have been realized on your invoices. That means no up-front costs, no added fees, no creative definitions of savings, no compensation from suppliers, and no risk.

Innovative Expense Management Software

Our proprietary Expense Management Optimization and Auditing Technology (eMOATSM) generates line-by-line reports that ensure contract compliance and overall program health, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.


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