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In a constantly shifting marketplace, oil and gas profits remain vulnerable to a range of industry-specific threats and variables. The emergence of more energy-efficient technologies, a lack of supply chain visibility, complex infrastructure requirements, a growing push for sustainability and safety regulations, and inefficient processes have all contributed to increased operational costs—and lost profits, even in robust times. When staying on the cutting edge of such a vast and volatile industry landscape is the top priority, many oil and gas companies are struggling to effectively manage their indirect expenses. This is especially true as procurement and expense management personnel have been downsized through leaner times.

2012 saw the introduction of new OSHA requirements that forced the oil and gas industry into the uniform business—a rude awakening for many. As companies have scrambled to protect their bottom lines, uniform rental services and other indirect expense programs have hindered these efforts—through discretionary charges, back-end liabilities, and a host of other supplier practices. At Fine Tune, we optimize your costs and help protect you from the perpetual distractions of the most complex indirect services.

“I still cannot believe how incredibly well this whole process was executed.”

Mike Lewis, Business Manager, SunCoke Company

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