Refining & Managing Complex Programs


The chemical industry is a multi-trillion-dollar global enterprise, with European and U.S. chemical companies leading production. From basic chemicals to specialty chemicals to consumer products, chemical production is a pillar for many other industries. Yet, to maximize business profits and efficiency, these companies must navigate a highly complex and volatile market with increasingly rigid regulations, a growing push toward sustainability, and an extremely concentrated supply chain—not to mention, unstable costs which creates a demand for expense reduction solutions for chemical.

Fine Tune solves the challenge of indirect expense programs for some of the largest chemical accounts around the world with our expense reduction solutions for chemical. In fact, through a combination of supplier consolidation, contractual improvements, and boots-on-the-ground optimization initiatives, Fine Tune was able to cut costs for a leading specialty chemical manufacturer throughout their U.S. and Canadian operations by 35% – in just the first year!

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