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Categorypalooza 2023: When Service Demand Exceeds Capabilities

Media Coverage • August 16, 2023

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What do you do when service demand exceeds resource capability? It's a question many procurement organizations have been facing for some time—the leaning of their departments in the face of increasing spend under management demand.

For example, in the Energy & Utilities category, extra pressures are increasingly more lateral in nature, with pressures coming from different groups within the organization—sustainability, operations, accounting—all after varying levels of the same information for independent needs.

When specific category experts are stretched too thin, these lateral groups carry out siloed, inefficient, and duplicative processes—taking a toll on the bottom line.

Join Andrew Henson, Fine Tune’s Vice President of Energy, Utilities & Sustainability, as he discusses how procurement can work with other organizational functions to mitigate these extra pressures and streamline organizational goals & processes.

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