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Procurement Foundry & Rich Ham Talk “Nuisance Expenses”

In this Webinar by Procurement Foundry and Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Fine Tune CEO Rich Ham talks about how to tackle some of the most difficult areas of spend in […]

Fine Tune Success Story: Private Equity Client

A few years ago, our firm got some big news about one of our larger clients: they had been acquired by a large private equity (PE) interest. It was an […]

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Procurement Incentive Plan Flaws: Part 2

Procurement Incentive Plan Flaws: Part 2

In the first installment of this series, you’ll recall the conversation I had with a buyer, a snippet of which is quoted below. In this brief exchange, we catch a […]

Fine Tune Success Story: Supplier Agreement Consolidation

At Fine Tune, we take great pride in delivering successful outcomes for our clients. We look forward to sharing these quick “120 second read stories” so that you can learn […]
Procurement Incentive Plan Flaws: Part 1

Procurement Incentive Plan Flaws: Part 1

I recently tried to help my sales team land a deal with a large food processing prospect. We were unsuccessful, unfortunately. Let’s set the scene: A buyer on the verge […]

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