InsightsProcurement Foundry & Rich Ham Talk “Nuisance Expenses”

Procurement Foundry & Rich Ham Talk “Nuisance Expenses”

Rich YoungApril 28, 2020Read time: 1 min

In this Webinar by Procurement Foundry and Let's Talk Supply Chain, Fine Tune CEO Rich Ham talks about how to tackle some of the most difficult areas of spend in the MRO space. We discuss how easy it is for category managers to get lost in the nuances of these "nuisance" costs, and why it makes sense to bring subject matter experts such as Fine Tune to provide negotiation and ongoing vendor management expertise.

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Richard Young

Vice President of Marketing

Rich has over 20 years of experience in the marketing and communications field, building high-performing teams and working across organizational functions to ultimately grow the top-line. Prior to joining Fine Tune in 2019, Rich served in several marketing leadership roles at companies such as Student Transportation of America (STA), Ricoh USA and eGROUP. At Fine Tune, Rich oversees Fine Tune’s marketing and communications department in an effort to increase brand awareness and generate client demand.

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