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Fine Tune Expands Expense Management Market Leadership Position with Focus on Technology Investments

Press Releases • March 22, 2021

Partnership with ZEAL and LEARN Academy bolsters in-house development expertise while decreasing time-to-market of its expense management software enhancements

CHICAGO, Ill. – March 22, 2021 – Fine Tune, a provider of indirect spend management services, announced today it continues to invest in innovative technologies and enhancements to its proprietary software platform eMOATSM. As a result, clients are assured their bottom-lines are protected through a combination of continuous monitoring, auditing and proactive management of complex expenses like uniform rental, waste disposal, pest control and guard/security services.

Recently featured as a “Category Solution" with the "Procurement Tech Innovation Map" developed by Kearney, Procurement Foundry, and Fairmarkit, Fine Tune’s Expense Management Optimization and Auditing Technology (eMOATSM) optimizes certain indirect spend programs.

“What sets us apart from the landscape of consultancies is not only our team of world-class subject matter experts, but the unique combination of those experts armed with sophisticated expense management technology. Expanding our in-house development resources will allow us to dramatically accelerate the advancement of eMOATSM,” said Ben Miller, CIO, Fine Tune.

Fine Tune also announced a partnership with The Software Residency, a new program developed by ZEAL, a California & Oregon based software development firm, and LEARN academy, a prominent San Diego coding school.

The Software Residency model functions much like residencies for medical students whereby a “Resident” is hired by Fine Tune who gets right to work on company software projects with direct mentorship from an experienced ZEAL software developer.

Throughout this 12-month Residency process, the Resident will learn coding techniques and best practices by doing directly relevant work, coding alongside a Zeal senior developer on eMOATSM enhancements. The Resident will also benefit from opportunities to teach and mentor other coding students to reinforce the knowledge and information being learned in the program.

“Having worked with Zeal for several years, I was familiar with the caliber of their team and the quality of the work they do. The new combination of Zeal with LEARN Academy has produced an incredibly innovative and powerful option for companies like Fine Tune who want to bring software development in-house,” continued Miller. “In order to successfully audit, manage and monitor these complex client expenses, we are constantly enhancing eMOATSM. The Software Residency will allow us to immediately advance to continuous development in-house by greatly reducing the risks of this normally perilous transition while at the same time ramping up our development much more quickly. It is a very innovative and exciting software development solution for our growing needs.”

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