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Fine Tune Featured in the Procurement Tech Innovation Map

Press Releases • March 08, 2021

Interactive and easy-to-read resource helps Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) learn about technology solutions and services available in the market

CHICAGO, Ill. – March 8, 2021 – Fine Tune, a provider of indirect spend management services, today announced its inclusion as a Category Solution within the Procurement Tech Innovation Map.

Created by Kearney, Procurement Foundry, and Fairmarkit, the Map provides a “one-stop shop” for CPOs to learn of the most innovative and pre-qualified procurement solutions available on the market and provide context on how they should be applied to the procurement value chain.

“Fine Tune is delighted to be part of this matrix of innovative companies. It has become increasingly clear in recent years that CPOs need more sophisticated strategies for managing complex tail spend categories—and that is our wheelhouse. From this standpoint, we’re a natural fit alongside the other exciting businesses in the Innovation Map,” said Rich Ham, CEO, Fine Tune.

In combination with world-class category experts, Fine Tune’s proprietary software platform eMOAT℠ enables vigilant management of the most complex indirect expenses—such as uniform rental, waste disposal, pest control, and guard/security services.

In a just-published Q&A on Fine Tune’s Knowledge Center with one of the Innovation Map’s authors, Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner, Kearney, talked about the future of procurement and the need to drive value creation. [To read the full Q&A go here]

“I wanted to create a one-stop shop where CPOs can learn what is available in the market. They must prepare for the future and embrace technology; not simply by replacing an old P2P system with a modestly better one, but by adopting an extensible future-proof architecture,” Epstein told Fine Tune. “I can’t accept stagnation and it’s time we have honest discussions about all the new and innovative solutions available to Procurement. To be sure, all this innovation is a work in progress, but this map is a helpful resource for those who are forward-thinking and want to drive value for their organization.”

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