Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve assembled the most commonly asked questions about Fine Tune, but if something else is on your mind or you simply prefer to have a discussion with a real, live “Tuner,” simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

What can Fine Tune do that I can’t do on my own?

The unique advantage that Fine Tune provides for its clients is best summarized in two words: expertise and dedication.

  • Expertise: When you’re a Fine Tune client, your complex indirect expenses are sourced, negotiated and managed by high-level industry insiders.
  • Dedication: We deal in expense categories in which the implementation of a good deal is no more than half the battle. The execution — in the form of ongoing auditing, issue resolution and “boots on the ground” initiatives — is absolutely essential for optimal category management.

Fine Tune’s experts dedicate their time to the management of your complex indirect expenses while you’re focused on your company’s mission-critical priorities.

Already have a contract?

No problem. Nearly all of our customers are under contract at the time of signing with Fine Tune. We are able to implement cost savings within the confines of your existing supplier agreements and magnify the savings upon implementation of new and better agreements.

Do I get to keep my current supplier?

About 85% of our clients retain their current supplier. Fine Tune has no supplier affiliations and receives no compensation from any suppliers within the targeted categories. We make recommendations, but you ultimately make the final decision.

How is Fine Tune compensated?

Fine Tune is compensated purely via shared, hard-dollar savings–after the savings have been realized on your invoices. There are no up-front costs, no creative definitions of savings, no fees for “cost-avoidance,” and no additional fees. Period.

Which suppliers does Fine Tune deal with?

Any and all. We are unaffiliated with any particular supplier within our areas of expertise, and have established relationships with all of the major national service providers as well as a host of regional and local providers.

Will we have a single point of contact?

Whether you have one supplier contract or ten, your entire company will have one dedicated account manager at Fine Tune who serves as a single point of contact and advocates for your company in all matters pertaining to your account.

How does Fine Tune monitor our supplier costs?

We use our proprietary software to audit invoices on a monthly basis to ensure that every last charge incurred is in adherence with the implemented supplier agreements.

How does Fine Tune differ from other consulting firms, brokers, or GPOs?

Most brokers, GPOs and other consulting firms negotiate a new contract and then disappear or provide minimal ongoing expense management. In our areas of expertise, that’s not enough. From baseline assessment and implementation of measurement tools through ongoing auditing and contract enforcement, Fine Tune is a dedicated expense management firm which supports your business through the full duration of any implemented agreements. As a Fine Tune client, you’ll have a team of industry insiders on your side at every turn during the life cycle of our engagement.

What kinds of contracts can you help manage?

Fine Tune’s core offerings include Uniform Rental Services, Waste & Recycling Services, Pest Control, Security & Guard Services, and Energy & Utilities, but our expertise and process can be applied to many other indirect contract expense categories.

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