Rail car and freight car management services

Expense Category:
Uniform Rental Services

Client Challenge:

Prior to Fine Tune’s involvement, TTX field personnel and regional managers had been responsible for the management of the uniform category. In fact, the company had specifically explored national leveraging strategies and ultimately decided to leave the expense in the hands of the field due to regional supplier differentiation, strong biases and the overall complexity of the expenses.

Fine Tune Solution:

Fine Tune visited numerous TTX operations and consulted with key field personnel to ensure all biases were taken into account. Then, in conjunction with TTX corporate personnel, Fine Tune recommended and pursued a strategy to maximize cost savings while preserving positive supplier relationships.


Four new supplier contracts were negotiated and executed. Savings were implemented, on average, 9 months in advance of existing contract expirations. Nearly half of the negotiated savings would not have been realized without Fine Tune’s continuous auditing services. Finally, as TTX’s single point of contact, Fine Tune has successfully resolved myriad field issues in TTX’s favor – frequently with substantial cost implications.

Bottom Line Impact: 34%

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