Defending Your Bottom Line

It’s time to get what you signed up for in your indirect services contracts. eMOATSM is a sophisticated expense management platform developed and used by Fine Tune’s world-class category experts. Using eMOATSM, our experts defend our clients’ financial bottom lines through a combination of continuous monitoring, auditing, and proactive management of their indirect services programs.

eMOAT℠ Features


Contract Compliance Audits

eMOATSM ensures continuous contract compliance and overall program health, generating line-by-line reports of contract items, rates, and terms versus expected spend levels.


Credit Tracking & Resolution

eMOATSM quickly identifies overcharges on your supplier invoice and assists in credit recoveries, reporting, and tracking, effectively shielding your profits against pricing discrepancies.


Customized Expense Dashboards

More spend visibility means more control. eMOATSM provides real-time reporting in a user-friendly dashboard customized to display the data points that matter most.


Targeted Action Items

eMOATSM automatically generates actionable insights, allowing Fine Tune’s experts to better optimize your expense programs based on your specific needs and challenges.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

eMOATSM identifies whether an indirect expense program is performing as expected and, if not, helps to quickly answer the “what, where, and why” of each expense anomaly.


Predictive Analytics

eMOATSM is highly responsive in spotting trends and anomalies in your spend so that our category experts can prevent problems before they appear on your invoice.

eMOAT℠ Goes Beyond Invoice-to-Contract Compliance Auditing

For black-and-white compliance, we run a range of additional expense management reports each month to ensure that target spend levels are attained.


Ben Miller “eMOATSM was initially launched as an auditing application to ensure our clients, across many industries, actually got what they signed up for,” said Ben Miller, Chief Information Officer, Fine Tune. “So, when we built it, the main function was to audit for contract compliance. Over the years, however, we’ve learned that in order to effectively manage and truly optimize our clients’ expenses, we needed to go way beyond invoice-to-contract compliance auditing.”


Matt Smith“eMOATSM not only allows us to defend our clients with highly sophisticated and targeted technology but it frees up our world-class experts to then go on the offense for our clients,” said Matt Smith, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Fine Tune. “Ultimately eMOATSM, operated by world-class experts, is the engine that powers us to achieve a level of expense management not available elsewhere in the marketplace, and allows us to achieve results way beyond expert contract negotiation and contract enforcement. Our solution takes expense management a step further where we truly optimize our clients’ programs, given their very specific needs and circumstances.”

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