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Fine Tune Named One of Quartz’s “Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022”

Press Releases • September 07, 2022

CHICAGO, Ill. – September 7, 2022 – Fine Tune, a provider of indirect business expense management services, today announced that Quartz Media, a digitally native news organization with a mission to make business better, has named Fine Tune to its list of “Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022.”

The “Best Companies for Remote Workers” list is published annually by Quartz Media and seeks to inspire others to learn about what it takes to be one of the best places out there for remote workers—where real career growth is untethered from proximity to a particular office building.

Fine Tune is recognized in part for its commitment to the themes of trust and empowerment, opportunity and respect, and a “work hard, play hard” credo:

  • Employees—or “Tuners”—are empowered to be self-sufficient and accountable, trusted and allowed to operate freely with just the right amount of oversight to ensure support is felt and available as needed.
  • Direct lines of communication are readily open, from field-level workers all the way to the CEO and back, and employee feedback is encouraged, considered, and—when feasible—acted on. In fact, Fine Tune’s proprietary software, eMOATSM, was born from an employee’s idea.
  • “We work hard, we play hard” is an internal motto that’s more than a cliché at Fine Tune; work is treated seriously while personal and family obligations are respected, and successes are grandly celebrated.

The unique benefits and programs Fine Tune offers are also recognized as part of the award, including employees’ choice of work environment, annual companywide vacations, and a culture of sustainability:

  • Employees choose what works best for them: working from HQ, home, or a company-paid remote office. All tools and support needed/requested are provided to ensure employees thrive in their chosen environment.
  • Annual opportunities for goal-contingent companywide vacations (with payout option) are available. Employees are free to enjoy the trips as they’d like—bonding with fellow team members or relaxing in solitude.
  • Pride in sustainability is integral to the culture. Fine Tune’s Certified B Corp™ status is celebrated, employees can serve on a sustainability committee, sustainable practices in work and at home are promoted, and sustainable organizations are supported.

“Fine Tune’s steady growth is owed to distinguishing ourselves as a best-in-class solution for clients—sourcing, negotiating, managing and auditing their complex indirect expense programs. But we wouldn’t be a best-in-class solution without our world-class people,” said Fine Tune CEO, Rich Ham. “The ‘Tuners’ are given the respect they deserve, their input is taken seriously and acted on, and they are empowered to choose where and how they work. When employees are treated as the smart, capable adults they are, what you end up with is a team that’s empowered and motivated to help all stakeholders succeed."

"Companies at the vanguard of remote work helped show everyone else how to do it. Now we are seeing their best practices replicated across industries, at companies of all sizes," said Quartz executive editor, Heather Landy. "The companies on our ranking are putting their remote policies to use as a recruiting and retention play, as a tool for diversifying their talent pool, and as a performance strategy. Our second annual ranking honors businesses that have gone above and beyond in ensuring that their remote workers have the tools they need, from technology stipends to wellness perks, to do their jobs effectively."

View Fine Tune's ranking and profile on Quartz's list here.

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