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Fine Tune Delivers Uniform Rental & Waste Disposal Program Savings and Contract Optimization for Briggs Equipment

Press Releases • April 27, 2022

Fine Tune consolidates and improves contracts, performs optimization in uniform rental and waste disposal categories with respective 36% & 46% category savings

CHICAGO, Ill. – April 27, 2022 – Fine Tune, a provider of indirect spend management services, today announced that Briggs Equipment, a full-service material handling company, has successfully “engaged in the joust” with their uniform rental and waste disposal suppliers by implementing more competitive contracts reinforced with enhanced visibility and ongoing, vigilant management.

Uniform Rental

In the summer of 2020, Briggs Equipment began recognizing consistent overcharging for products and services, as well as other brazen uniform rental supplier practices. The company realized it needed to address the issue, but the challenge facing Briggs executives was a lack of deep industry knowledge for this highly complex expense. Without this category-specific expertise, they knew that optimizing their contracts—and more importantly, their actual costs over time—would be nearly impossible using only in-house resources.

“As part of my job overseeing facilities and construction at Briggs, I was given the uniform rental category as well. It was eye opening having to manage 400 users and five different vendors overnight. At that point, I realized I needed expert help to make sense of this indirect category—one which was proving to be considerably complex,” commented Jonathan Shamlian, Director, Briggs Equipment.

Not only was Briggs seeing their uniform program costs increase, but they also had extremely old and worn-out uniforms. As part of the new agreement negotiated by Fine Tune, the supplier agreed to replace all missing, ruined and worn-out uniforms at zero cost to Briggs.

Fine Tune estimates the savings driven by this project comfortably exceeds six figures.

Briggs Equipment realized further benefits with Fine Tune’s consolidation of their multi-supplier uniform program into a single-supplier national account. Beyond the benefit of a simplified program, Fine Tune negotiated reductions in Briggs’s transition liabilities to their old suppliers.

Since partnering with Fine Tune, Briggs Equipment has realized 36% savings within its uniform rental category.

Waste Disposal

Through a recent large acquisition of a competitor, Briggs Equipment inherited 40 locally sourced and negotiated waste disposal contracts in both rural and major metro markets. Fine Tune was tasked with assessing the status quo, implementing useful measurement tools, and pursuing cost savings and improved contractual protections—while allowing Briggs’s field personnel to remain focused on keeping their clients’ businesses moving.

During an initial data-gathering phase, Fine Tune compiled an assessment of baseline spend and contractual obligations for all locations. Based upon the data gathered in this assessment and their industry-insider knowledge, Fine Tune determined appropriate target spend levels for the account. After discussions with field-level personnel and corporate contacts, a strategy was recommended and agreed upon to accomplish these objectives in the most expeditious manner possible.

In year one, Fine Tune negotiated and implemented several strategic supplier agreements, securing meaningful savings over the course of their three-year terms. The new agreements contain client-favoring terms and conditions that non-industry insiders would not have contemplated or negotiated.

“It’s true what they say—you just don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to these complex categories,” Shamlian added. “Fine Tune’s expertise can’t be matched in-house—especially when your resources need time to work on other strategic corporate priorities.”

For example, the removal of anti-competitive language and the addition of specific, measurable price increase language protects Briggs from industry tactics regularly employed to increase customer annual spend by an average of 15% or more.

Additionally, optimization initiatives have reduced duplicative services and improved payload capacity via volume-reducing technologies.

Since partnering with Fine Tune, Briggs Equipment has realized 46% savings within its waste disposal category.

Bottom Line

Thanks to Fine Tune’s proprietary software, processes, and vigilant client advocacy, the typical contract noncompliance seen in these complex indirect expense categories is now identified, disputed, and recovered monthly by Fine Tune—and Briggs’s resources are freed up to focus on other priorities.

Shamlian concluded: “Having the Fine Tune team negotiate and implement new contracts with our uniform rental and waste disposal suppliers was incredibly helpful. But the true value comes in the ongoing dedicated and vigilant management of the category. The proactivity of the Fine Tune team gives us peace of mind and allows me to focus on more pressing day-to-day issues in my role.”

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