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Fine Tune Adds Security & Guard Services to Indirect Expense Management Portfolio

Press Releases • October 21, 2021

Security and guard services programs are extremely complex, requiring highly specialized approaches and vigilant security expense management; Security industry expert to head up Fine Tune’s new category

Fine Tune, a provider of indirect expense management services, announced today the launch of its Security & Guard Services offering for organizations struggling to manage this complex indirect spend category. Fine Tune’s services portfolio already includes uniform rental, waste & recycling, and pest control.

As a complex category that is often impossible to centrally manage, security & guard services requires dedicated and vigilant management to effectively enforce contracts and manage cost levels while maintaining top-level supplier service.

Led by Vice President of Security & Guard Services, Robert Schreiner, a former Director of Operations at G4S (one of the world’s largest private security firms), Fine Tune’s new offering will better position client organizations to assess, source, negotiate, implement, and continuously audit and manage this critical and complex category.


“Commercial security contracts can encompass everything from manned guarding to remote monitoring; access control to patrols; cameras to alarm systems; dispatch operations to executive protection—and that’s just to name a few,” commented Schreiner. “Many security programs are extremely complex, particularly if the program is implemented across multiple client locations. Additionally, client organizations are typically focused on their primary mission, not the management of their security program.”


Schreiner continued: “Given the complexity of the security services landscape, a client lacking expertise in the field may be at the mercy of the vendors themselves to provide that expertise and offer guidance to build the security plan. This creates an inherent vulnerability for the client—making it difficult for them to objectively assess whether the plan they have is appropriate, the security spend is reasonable, the program is being correctly managed and accurately billed according to the contract(s). We’re excited to offer our industry expertise and the Fine Tune advantage to organizations struggling with this category.”


The most common security vendor practices that may negatively affect an organization’s P&L could be broadly categorized as “billing beyond the contract.” This practice can take many forms, including:

  • Billing at a higher officer level than is contractually stipulated
  • Billing supervisor rates when a supervisor fills in for an absent line officer
  • Billing overtime rates for straight-time hours
  • Adding positions or services beyond the original scope of work
  • Non-labor costs

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