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The simple solution for complex expenses

“Nuisance” expenses are eroding your profits and diverting valuable company resources from mission-critical areas. At Fine Tune, what we do is specialize in continuous management of these particularly burdensome expenses, producing hard-dollar savings for your company while enabling you to more effectively allocate your valuable resources.

"We have over 50 locations in North America, and these expenses can be hard to manage – lots of nuances, service issues, invoice issues – basically lots of headaches. That’s where Fine Tune came in."
Mike GiffinDirector of Indirect Materials & Services, Flint Group
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Our Applications


Uniform & Facility Services

The plain truth is, uniform and facility services programs are far more complex than most expenses, and are especially difficult to source and manage for national organizations. The industry’s suppliers use widely varied billing methods and different definitions of seemingly straightforward terminology. Additionally, strong plant-level biases and significant differentiation among suppliers from region to region further complicate the process. Learn more

Beyond the sourcing challenges inherent in the expense, uniform and facility services contracts are also particularly complex and onerous. There are seemingly endless variables with potentially damaging cost implications that must be properly identified and addressed at the contractual level. At Fine Tune, we tailor cost-saving solutions to the unique characteristics of each location within your organization while maintaining a cohesive overall strategy. While you’re working on more important matters, you’ll have the peace of mind that this burdensome expense is being monitored and managed by experts with incentive to reduce your costs.

"In addition to significantly improving our agreements, Fine Tune has consistently identified billing errors that would have hurt our bottom line if they had gone uncorrected. I would gladly recommend Fine Tune’s services."
Kurt JorgensenGeneral Manager, Peterbilt/JX Enterprises
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Want to optimize your uniform costs while dedicating your time to higher priorities?

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Waste Disposal Services

The time, money and resources needed to effectively manage waste disposal programs can really pile up. Whether solid waste, hazardous waste or recycling, waste disposal programs are prototypical “nuisance” expenses.

At Fine Tune, we reduce our clients’ waste disposal costs, while ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Learn more

Waste disposal programs are a particularly large burden to source and manage for national organizations. There’s no such thing as a “good price” for disposing of any particular waste stream. The answer is different wherever you are and whatever it is you are trying to dispose of. Additionally, while supplier consolidation may lead to cost savings in most expense categories, a diversified hauler base tends to be the path to optimal costs when it comes to waste disposal – which requires more work.

Beyond the sourcing challenges inherent in the expense, waste industry suppliers use widely varied billing methods, assessed fees, and differing definitions of seemingly straightforward terminology. The industry’s contracts are particularly onerous and complex, with seemingly endless provisions which carry potentially damaging implications unless properly addressed and negotiated.

With Fine Tune, you are aligning your business with industry experts who will assess, source, implement, manage and audit your waste disposal and recycling services programs — with a healthy incentive to reduce your costs.

"I just can’t believe how much work you all were doing behind the scenes while we’ve been focused on other things."
Greg GloverChief Financial Officer, Express Oil Change, LLC
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Looking to cut waste disposal costs? Fine Tune your process.

Fine Tune clients save an average of 27% on “nuisance” expenses like solid waste, hazardous waste, biohazardous waste or recycling programs. We’ll review your waste contracts, audit recent invoices, and conduct site assessments of typical locations. Our only compensation is a portion of the actual savings we deliver. That’s why a waste disposal program managed by Fine Tune is a no-risk, guaranteed way to save you money and make your job easier. Ready to start the process?

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Pest Control Services

Navigating the waters of a highly regulated space like the pest control industry can often be worse than dealing with the pests themselves. Most organizations find themselves hoping that their supplier is providing service that meets all the requirements of federal, state, and local governments, all while deploying the safest and most effective pest control methods available. With these concerns looming so large, cost tends to take a back seat, if considered at all. Learn more

Vetting a provider that can meet your organization’s needs and then ensuring their recommended strategies and work orders/invoices are appropriate and accurate could easily be a full-time job. Add in the variable complexities and costs of power sprays, foggings, and fumigations – it’s easy to see how this expense category can quickly spiral out of control.

With Fine Tune on your side, our team of industry insiders will optimize your pest control program in terms of quality, compliance AND cost…all while you’re focused on bigger priorities.

Additional Indirect Expenses

Fine Tune’s roots are in managing expenses in Waste Management, Uniform Rental Services and Pest Control, but our expertise and process can be applied to many other indirect contract expense categories, including MRO supplies, staffing, and more.

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Our Process

Data Collection
  • Location list/company directory
  • All current contracts
  • Recent invoicing for all accounts
Program Assessment/ Implementation of Measurement Tools
  • Line-by-line baseline cost assessments for all accounts
  • Initial audit against existing agreements
  • Consultations with key field personnel to evaluate existing programs and supplier relationships
  • Contract and spend analysis by supplier
  • Geographic supplier viability analysis
  • Various additional account-specific analytic reports
Strategy Setting
  • Meet to discuss initial findings with corporate contacts
  • Agree upon overall account strategy and course of action
Sourcing / RFP Processes and Supplier Negotiations
  • Source qualified suppliers based on Fine Tune’s industry knowledge
  • Manage RFP processes via proprietary technology built around the unique characteristics of the industry’s leading suppliers, ensuring integrity and precision in supplier responses
  • Terms and conditions negotiated by Fine Tune’s industry experts
Recommendation/ Implementation
  • Present RFP analysis, discuss with appropriate contacts and collaborate to finalize decisions
  • Upon client authorization, manage contract implementation processes
Ongoing Management/ Program Optimization
  • Line by line monthly audits utilizing proprietary software, overcharge identification, credit
    verification and resolution
  • “Boots on the ground” consulting to enhance programs and produce incremental cost savings
  • Issue resolution by Fine Tune’s experts
  • Customized reporting
"What set Fine Tune apart for us really, was their dedicated efforts after the deal was done…we just couldn’t duplicate what they do in house."
Greg GloverChief Financial Officer, Express Oil Change, LLC
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Our Impact

When an expense category represents a low monetary priority, but requires a lot of time to effectively manage, that’s a problem. Our clients have frequently referred to these expenses as “nuisance” expenses. At Fine Tune, we help to solve the “nuisance” expense problem for our clients through vigilant, expert management of a small handful of particularly burdensome categories. We produce surprisingly significant levels of cost savings (think 20-50%…not 8-12%) while enabling our clients to focus their time and efforts on more mission-critical areas.

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