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Ironing out the complexities involved in uniform rental isn’t easy. Perhaps the most complex of all indirect expenses, uniform rental expense reduction is a perpetual challenge. In a category that tends to make Procurement look bad, the Fine Tune solution ensures that Procurement is keeping its promises to internal customers and winning respect for solving persistent problems.

At Fine Tune, we tailor cost-saving solutions to the unique characteristics of each location within your organization while maintaining a cohesive overall strategy. While you’re working on more important matters, you’ll have the peace-of-mind that this burdensome expense is being monitored and managed by category experts with an incentive towards uniform rental expense reduction.

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Cleaning Up Uniform Programs

Beyond the sourcing challenges inherent in the uniform rental expense, uniform rental services contracts are particularly complex and burdensome. There are seemingly endless variables with potentially damaging cost implications that must be properly identified and addressed at the contractual level, which is difficult for large organizations with other primary objectives.

Not to mention, the industry’s suppliers use widely varied billing methods and different definitions of seemingly straightforward terminology. Additionally, strong plant-level biases and significant differentiation among suppliers from region to region further complicate this already complicated uniform rental expense reduction category.

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