Security & Guard Services


What We Do

It’s safe to say that security and guard services programs require a highly specialized approach — ideally one driven by experts who know security, inside and out. At Fine Tune, our experts assess, source, implement, and continuously audit and manage this critical and complex category, protecting both your facilities and your bottom line.

Protecting your company from potential safety threats is of the utmost importance. But who protects you from damaging supplier practices? At Fine Tune, our incentive-based solution aligns our interests with yours, so you’ll know our experts are always working to optimize both your program and your costs.


Guarding Your Bottom Line

When it comes to rates and terms, both guard and managed security services vary wildly by company and location. Many companies are too tied up in mission-critical initiatives to stop and negotiate every little detail in a constant stream of changes. With less than favorable terms and conditions, suppliers are able to increase their margins through discretionary overcharges for equipment replacements, service add-ons, weekend, holiday, and after-hours services, and more.

In addition to these supplier practices, security programs often entail a complex integration into many different areas of your organization. As a result, they can be next to impossible to centrally manage, let alone audit — that is, without the help of dedicated expense category experts.

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