Don’t throw money out with your trash.

The time, money and resources needed to effectively manage waste disposal programs can really pile up. Whether solid waste, hazardous waste, biohazardous waste or recycling, waste disposal programs are prototypical “nuisance” expenses.

At Fine Tune, we reduce our clients’ waste disposal costs, while ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

Waste disposal programs are a particularly large burden to source and manage for national organizations. Industry suppliers use widely varied billing methods, assessed fees, and different definitions of seemingly straightforward terminology. Additionally, geographic supplier viability and wide variance in state and local regulations further complicate this troublesome cost category.

Beyond the sourcing challenges inherent in the expense, waste disposal contracts are particularly onerous and complex. Seemingly endless provisions carry potentially damaging implications unless properly addressed and negotiated at the contractual level.

With Fine Tune, you are aligning your business with industry experts who source, implement, manage and audit your waste disposal and recycling services programs — with a healthy incentive to reduce your costs.


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“In addition to significantly improving our agreements, Fine Tune has identified a number of billing errors that would have hurt our bottom line if they had gone uncorrected. I would gladly recommend Fine Tune's services.”

Kurt Jorgensen
General Manager
Peterbilt/JX Enterprises