Celebrating 15 years of shared savings!

  • $150,000,000+ Total client savings over past 15 years
  • 300% Revenue growth in last five years alone
  • 94% Client retention rate

Fine Tune’s position as the nation’s leading expert within our targeted industries

Path to success: managing “nuisance” expenses

Fine Tune has come a long way since laying the groundwork in a basement in Bloomington, Indiana. In just 15 years, through our proprietary auditing software and deep bench of high-level industry insiders, we’ve built a roster of top-tier Fortune 1000 clients across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Today, we’ve reached the pinnacle of our targeted industries, and we proudly share our success with our clients.

Honoring our hometown roots

Fine Tune continues to give back to our hometown of Bloomington, Indiana through our ongoing internship program with Indiana University. Over the years, we’ve employed hundreds of bright, qualified IU interns and hired many of them to full time positions. We also award scholarships to worthy students to help further their studies.

“It all began with a light bulb moment”

Interview with Rich Ham, CEO of Fine Tune

Why did you start Fine Tune?
I was working at a major uniform rental company when I realized how confounding the expense was for even the smartest, most attentive buyers. There were just so many unknown unknowns for the non-insider… and those areas were costing my customers a ton of money. The light bulb went on: this was a great consulting opportunity.
Did clients immediately see the value in Fine Tune?
They did, once they realized that the shared savings arrangement made us a low-risk option. That made it an easy decision with little downside. But aside from the model, what is really unmistakable to our clients is the value our people bring to their businesses. Our growth through the years has enabled us to attract the best and brightest from our targeted industries, and that has made all the difference for Fine Tune and our clients.
Why do your clients have difficulty managing “nuisance” expenses on their own?
First and foremost, it’s a matter of resources. All across the country, expense management professionals are being asked to do more with less. Our clients just can’t justify getting into the weeds with “nuisance” expenses like uniforms or waste. Secondly—even if the resources were there, there are very few expenses where the good work of a procurement team is so quickly eroded. Whether it’s program or product changes implemented by field personnel, changes mandated by marketing or safety folks, or any one of the myriad supplier practices designed to change the game after the deal is signed, our clients have seen time and again that their efforts in these categories just don’t tend to be rewarded. Simply put, the savings they secure in negotiations just doesn’t tend to stick.
Where do clients see the biggest payoff?
Normally, the more complex your program is, the more value we’ll add – more contracts, more vendors, more locations, more products, multiple business units, etc. In accounts like these, there’s just layer upon layer of opportunity to get burned by the unknown unknowns. We help clients even with relatively simple programs, but we make a quantum impact in highly complex programs.
Any final thoughts?
Suppliers always know the game better than their customers. Partnering with Fine Tune levels the playing field and puts our clients in an advantageous position with respect to these highly burdensome “nuisance” expenses.